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Walking For Fitness


Walking is a fantastic activity to help boost weight loss and feel fitter. It’s free, low impact and
you can do it anywhere.

US National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) data shows that people who stay slim incorporate walking
as part of their exercise routine. So, turning walking into a regular activity and focusing on the pace and
distance covered will not only increase your fitness but will help you shed the pounds too.

Once you get going and build your pace you can easily burn an additional 1000 calories in a week. That’s the equivalent of a stone in a year.



Walking For Fitness


Don’t underestimate the benefits of walking as a physical exercise.

It’s a great all round exercise with very real health benefits. Load bearing for your bones and muscles and aerobic for your heart and lungs. Walking’s also a brilliant way to de-stress,
and can lower your blood pressure.
Walking is low impact and low intensity, making it an
easy and accessible way for people of all ages and fitness levels to get some exercise.
Plus it can be a sociable activity, fun to do with family and friends, and a great way to
make new friends!

  • Walking burns calories 
  • Can help towards maintaining a healthy weight 
  • It helps to boost your metabolism 
  • Helps to reduce body fat 
  • Boosts your energy levels 
  • Strengthens your legs 
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system 
  • Improves your circulation 
  • Lowers your blood pressure 
  • Helps to prevent and control diabetes 
  • Promotes positive mental health, including higher levels of self-esteem 
  • Helps you to manage stress and release tension



Fit More Walking Into Your Day


At Work:


    • Park your car in the space that is the furthest away and walk to the office 
    • If you take the train/bus get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way 
    • Walk to work 
    • On your lunch break go for a walk around the block 
    • If you need to speak to somebody in the office, walk over to them instead of phoning them 
    • Walk to the local shop to buy your lunch 
    • Don’t take the lift, use the stairs


With the Kids:


  • Walk the children to school/playgroup 
  • Walk to the park and back with the kids at the weekend 
  • Find the time for one walk each week with each child – make this your special time when the two of you are alone and you can chat and catch up 
  • Plan fun exploration walks for the kids – get out and explore your local neighbourhood 
  • Make it your mission to plan a new walk for each weekend – look out for local parks, country walks, etc 
  • If you drop your children at clubs or parties, don’t spend the time driving back and forth, go for a walk instead


With Friends:

  • Plan to go walking for fitness once a week with a friend 
  • If you plan to meet friends, walk to their house, or get them to meet you half way 
  • Offer to join your friend when they are walking the dog 
  • Rather than meeting your friends for coffee, suggest going for a stroll


At Home:


  • Get up early and go for a walk 
  • Cancel the paper / milkman and walk to the shop instead 
  • If you run out of essentials, walk to the local shop to buy them – don’t take the car 
  • Walk whilst talking on the phone 
  • Set yourself a goal to walk up and down the stairs a certain amount of times per day 
  • Use the upstairs bathroom 
  • Whilst watching T.V. always get up and walk around during the adverts 



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