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The Best Ways to Firm Saggy Knees


Create new collagen.


While moisture plays a role to some degree, Miami dermatologist Joely
Kaufman, MD, says the best way to combat crepey skin is with topical
application of ingredients that stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin,
such as retinol. Look for hydrating body products that contain these ingredients
in formulas. Applying a cream with retinol, peptides and collagen stimulating ingredients to your knees (and beyond) every night will help prompt your body to create new collagen for firmer, smoother skin. “I like to alternate a retinol body
lotion with a topical exfoliating lotion for problem areas,” says Dr. Kaufman. “This helps skin by hydrating it, boosting collagen and exfoliating the stratum corneum,
so the legs don’t look like they have ‘fish scales.’” Our pick: Replenix
All-trans-Retinol Smoothing Body Lotion ($75).

Double up.


Some doctors, like Chicago plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD, choose to couple radio-frequency treatments with filler for more severe cases. “The use of both modalities lets the skin beneath the surface be built up,” he says.

Tighten + lift.


If topical treatments don’t deliver the effects you’re looking for, you may need to visit a doctor for a stronger, in-office solution. “Loose skin above the knees is difficult to treat. I have used the Infini device (microneedling with radio frequency), focused ultrasound and radio-frequency machines, and although they provide some improvement, unfortunately there is no magic cure for creepy skin,” explains Dr. Kaufman. Ultrasound treatments, like Ultherapy, which requires about three treatments (some patients can see results after one), can work, too. It can take two to three months for the results to be visible.


Cut it out.


For extreme cases of loose skin around the knees that don’t seem to respond much to noninvasive treatments and procedures, Dr. Mehta says surgically tightening the skin on the thighs with a thigh lift can actually help to tighten some of the skin around the knees, too. “Direct excision of the excess skin on the knee can be performed as well, but should be carefully considered because this procedure can leave a visible scar on the knee.”

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